Here at Bowery CrossFit, we give our coaches the resources to use their place of work as a laboratory of strength and fitness awesomeness. Our goal is to help you to run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our programming and give our members better results. 

Bowery CrossFit Program

We love CrossFit. 

Our world-famous coaches will teach you the skills necessary to give you the results you want!  

It's fun and effective. Pop in and see for yourself. 

Want to burn fat and tone up? 

Never tried CrossFit? 

Then this program is for you! Just pack some gym clothes and show up. Wait. You should register because these classes fill up fast... BECAUSE IT WORKS!


Nutrition Coaching

We've worked with hundreds of people looking to improve their body composition and feel better.  Find out how our Bowery CrossFit Nutrition Coaches can help you get real results today.


CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Our parent company Flipside has farm in New Jersey -- "The Garden State" -- where we grow and deliver fresh seasonal veggies to the gym. 

This is a game-changer.


Want to break up your CrossFit routine? 

Do Yoga with us on Saturday mornings. Attending this class consistently will help you achieve better balance, coordination and agility that will carry over into your performance in other Bowery classes.