Customer Service Hero

If You Have Drive, A Positive Attitude And Strong Coaching Skills, We Have An Amazing Career Opportunity Just For You!

First of all, thanks for taking the time to click through. Let me tell you about our company and the job.

Since opening in Oct. 2013 our communities at Bowery CrossFit and Hudson River CrossFit just haven’t stopped growing. Our growth has been driven by happy members’ word of mouth. We love our members, and do everything we can to keep them happy. That’s why we are looking for another Customer Service Hero to help us in our next phase of growth.

We are located at 285 Grand St. Right next to B/D Grand St. Subway stop.

If you are hired for this job, you’ll need to come to the office M-F 10am-6pm, or we have weekend shifts available on Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3pm. The starting pay is $15 per hour.

Tasks We Need You To Perform

Answering and returning phone calls from customers and prospects.

We don’t get a ton of phone calls, but the ones that come in are important. When you’re not here to answer the phone, many of the calls will go to voicemail. You’ll be responsible for returning those calls the next day.

Responding to customer service phone calls and emails.

We get a few phone calls and emails every day. You will need to respond to each of these with basic information We’ll provide you. You need to be comfortable talking on the phone, using email and being a good typist.


This involves talking with prospective members, explaining what we do, and showing them around the facilities. We’ll teach you everything you need to succeed here

Social media management

Ideally, you’ll have some technology skills and can keep our social media presence alive and kicking. This also involve taking photos and videos, and posting them.


Ensuring we have the proper forms in the proper places helps us run efficiently. Nothing too crazy here.

Processing sales

We don’t sell a ton of merchandise, but when we do, you’ll be responsible for helping our members out.

Light cleaning

This involves checking on the bathrooms and making sure everything is neat and tidy.

Required Skills

These are the skills you must already have to qualify for this position:

Google Docs.

We run our whole business off of Google Docs. You should be proficient at using it.

Social Media.

You should passionate about social media and pretty darn good at using it.

Good phone personality/etiquette

You will be talking with our members, who are VERY important to us. You must be comfortable conversing on the phone, in person, and through email. You must know how to conduct yourself professionally, take clear messages and deliver clear instructions to prospects or members.


A great deal of your work will be via email. We use a web-based program that’s easy to learn (you’ll understand it within 30 minutes). You need to be very comfortable and proficient with email.

Thoughtfulness and organization:

We need you to be able to think for yourself and be organized. We are very serious about this one. We do not want a robot, we want someone who will learn and grow with us.

Bonus Skills

If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because they are not mandatory).
Zen Planner, Zen Desk, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft

How To Apply

We’re looking to hire the right person soon. If this job sounds good to you, follow these instructions now.

Here’s what we want from you
NOTE: Failure to follow these instructions will result in your resume going in the circular file. This is your first test, okay?

Write us a letter explaining why you are the perfect person to fill this position. Include full contact information (name, address, phone, email) on this cover letter.Provide a resume detailing any and all relevant skills. On a separate sheet of paper list at least three references with phone numbers and what your relationship is with each reference (i.e. previous employer, college professor, etc.). Staple the documents together in the order above with the cover letter on top.

Mail to:
Bowery CrossFit
285 Grand St.
New York, New York 10002

The sooner we get your resume, the better.
This will not be a long, drawn out process. We believe in taking action quickly so get your resume over to me pronto! We look forward to reviewing it and meeting you in person.

Again, thanks very much for your interest.

P.S. This is not a corporate type of structured job. We are an entrepreneurial small business. We move quickly to capitalize on opportunities. This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. Performance is everything to us. If you perform, you will be rewarded. We want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and contributing to the growth of the business. If that’s you, we promise that $15/hour is only the starting point. We recognize and reward performance. With all that said, as we mentioned in the headline on this page, enthusiasm and a positive attitude go a long way in our book. I’m a very positive, upbeat guy and appreciate those qualities in others. As long as you have the basic skills we mentioned, and a great attitude, you’re definitely a candidate! So send us your resume today!

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