We get a lot of testimonials from
members here at Bowery,

and our sister gym Hudson River CrossFit, and drop­-ins from all around world. Here is about 100 of them that we’ve  collected over the last few months. When you join the party, we’d love to hear your story too.

“After sampling Crossfit concepts for a number of years, I started a dedicated CF  approach in February 2014 in Virginia. I worked with two gyms during that time. One was a  “bro” gym ­ the programming was decent enough, but the quality of technique instruction  and supervision was definitely lacking. The other gym I worked with had excellent  programming and excellent coaching, but it was impersonal. After two months of working  there, I knew maybe two other people’s names, even though we worked together almost  daily. The atmosphere just didn’t encourage community very well. By the time I moved to  New Jersey, I knew what I wanted from a gym: EXPERT instruction and a sense of  community. I thought CF Hoboken was where I wanted to go, but they never returned an  email or phone call. I was impressed with the coaches’ backgrounds listed on the HRCF  website, so I reached out and HRCF got me into class right away. After my initial consult  with Ashley, I was 85% sure this was the place to be. During the class, Ashley told  everyone to “learn each other’s names and use them!” That deliberate emphasis on  team/community sealed the deal and I’ve been happy to be on board ever since. 

I’ve worked primarily with Alison and Ashley. Obviously both have different styles, but there are common strengths:

1) They remembered my name after ONE workout.

2) They will not allow you to perform a movement incorrectly. If good technique is beyond your present capabilities, they’ll implement a progression to get you there.
3) Expertise – they not only know what correct technique is, they know why the body works that way. Some coaches at other gyms just repeat what they’ve been told; HRCF coaches actually understand the concepts involved. The result is a higher quality of instruction.

For a person who is already a Crossfit enthusiast trying to select a gym: I’ve learned more about certain movements at HRCF in 2 months than YEARS of working with other coaches. Technique is not just emphasized, it’s part of the HRCF culture. You will understand more about your body’s movement mechanisms and – most valuably – how to apply that understanding to work, sports, daily living. There’s plenty of hard work and good, gnarly WODs, but don’t expect a chest­thumping rage fest – HRCF is a Thinking Man’s gym.

For a person who has never tried Crossfit: HRCF coaches will take all the “scary” out of Crossfit for you. Every task is scalable, and coaches will make sure you are challenged but not overwhelmed. HRCF is really not about Crossfit, HRCF is about real life fitness. It’s a community that doesn’t really care who is the fastest or the strongest, but focuses on the fact that everyone gets in the box and does some work to better themselves. With that focus in mind, the group is extremely welcoming and will be happy to see you when you show up!

For someone who is concerned about the cost: With most gym memberships, you pay for a nice space to work out in and the privilege of using their equipment. At HRCF, your membership gets you that, plus personal­level coaching by qualified experts and a built­in community of people who are working toward your same goals. I’ve never missed a dollar I spent on HRCF services – If you paid less, you’d receive less.”

­- Dave Melichar

“I had been doing a lot of weight­training at school, and got VERY tired of the same old back&bi’s or chest&tri’s programming. I had tried CrossFit workouts in the past, and knew how diverse and difficult they were. I knew it was time for a change, so I started to do some research, and stumbled upon CrossFit again (this time, it came in the form of Dan). I still remember the workout like yesterday ­ legs giving out, lungs hardly breathing, sweat dripping by the gallon out of my body, which was screaming for me to STOP. I knew that I had to start doing CrossFit for real, so I started my search for a gym. Hudson River CrossFit seemed like a perfect match for me. I always struggled with mobility (HRCF has a PT), I wanted to increase my short distance sprinting speed (HRCF has an ex­football player), I recently got into olympic lifting (HRCF has a collegiate weightlifting champion). I was always the kind of person that wanted to be pushed by the people around me, and HRCF was the perfect storm of technical knowledge, accountability and community. Honestly, my “numbers” were higher when I was weighlifting on my own… but not by much. After about a month at HRCF, I have maintained most of my strength, while adding a few more dimensions to my overall fitness (cardiovascular endurance, mobility, mental toughness, olympic lifting). I am very happy with my success so far at HRCF. Overall, I have been able to basically maintain the level of strength that I wanted, while adding several other components to my overall fitness. Furthermore, the knowledge that I have gained since starting at HRCF is invaluable. The coaches really take the time to stop and explain anything that you are curious about (e.g. correct form or ways to get better at ‘X’) 3 things: First, my coaches are knowledgable. I have to admit, if I joined a CrossFit gym where I wasn’t able to learn from my coaches everyday, I’d probably start my search for a new one. At HRCF, the coaches know their stuff, and like I said, they are happy to stop class briefly and answer any of your questions. If you’re question requires a longer answer, or the coach is not an expert on what you asked, you’ll have an answer that satisfies your
curiosity by the end of the day! Second, my coaches push me! I’ve never been able to find anyone that pushes me as far as Ash. But don’t be scared away, because the coaches at HRCF are very perceptive, and know how far you want to be pushed (e.g. if you are just trying to get in a workout to stay active and healthy, then the coaches will simply guide you through the workout safely. On the otherhand, if you want to be the next Froning, they won’t let you quit until you’re passed out on the floor). HRCF coaches cater to YOUR needs! Third, HRCF coaches are FUN and FRIENDLY AS HELL. I’ve only been at HRCF for a month, and I am totally hooked! The coaches brainstorm tons of ways to make warming up fun and effective. They’re also great for their spotify playlists (making sure everyone in the class is pumped for an awesome workout). They also encourage high volumes of high fives which are a great way to become closer with your class mates, and to increase the amount of fun you’re having haha! As for the friendly part, I honestly feel like I can talk to my coaches about anything. I can talk to them about workouts, weekend, restaurants, relationships, WHATEVER! HRCF coaches are personable and awesome, and that strong relationship outside of the crossfit classes makes all the difference within the classes. I’d much rather be pushed by someone who knows my story and who knows what motivates me. HRCF coaches make your experience FUN and REAL, and there is nothing superficial about this gym!

Give it a shot!!! after all, if you don’t like it, there is a money back guarantee! Trust me though, don’t plan on asking for that $$ back, you’re not going to want it, haha! Seriously though,
this gym is my home away from home, and some of my coaches and classmates are quickly becoming my best friends and the people that I look forward to seeing during the week. I love the environment here at HRCF, and the programming/training regiment is top notch. If you want to have a great time and see fantastic results, come in for a consultation and see if HRCF is right for you!”

­- Christian Geary

“I had known about Crossfit for quite some time and knew very well that the results were real. I have friends that took on Crossfit and immediately fell in love with it. They encouraged me to look into it and once HRCF opened up down the street from me, I decided it was time to see for myself what it was all about. My initials goals when joining Crossfit were to get into shape and become strong. What I discovered was with the right motivation and knowledge, it became about changing my lifestyle. Since I began in December 2013, I gained much more knowledge about my diet and body which led me to achieving some fantastic results. In just 5 months time, I have dropped 23 pounds. More importantly I have a lot more focus and energy, found an amazing routine and overall feel healthier mentally and physically.

The coaches at HRCF are truly fantastic. They are extremely knowledgable, non­judgmental, encouraging and down­to­earth. They provide you the fundamentals and basics that ensure you work out the right way, every time. Their constant motivation keeps you giving your best effort every time. I had tried normal gyms and going for runs when the weather was nice, but I never achieved any real results from those efforts. At Crossfit, you find a routine that gets you excited and keeps you coming back for more. With constant workout variations, you never get bored. Regardless of your ability, the coaches and classmates all work together to achieve mutual goals. Combining the unity of the members, the challenging workouts, and the motivating coaches, you will achieve real results at HRCF.”

­- Dan Hudson

“I’ve always wanted to try CrossFit, but none of the locations made sense for me. When BCF opened in my neighborhood, it was a no­brainer. Also because there was a 30­day money back guarantee, I could try it without the risk. Also I wanted to try a workout my boyfriend and I could do together. He tried all my other workouts with me ­­ running, cycling, pilates. But no other workout clicked with both him and me. Because there are so many modifications within each workout, he and I can do the same workout but at our own level. When you’ve only got a few hours a day to be together with work and life, sharing our fitness obsession is a pretty awesome thing. So I worked out a lot at all kinds of studios ­ but I was never as fit as I felt I should be. All those hours working out should have resulted in a much more fit body, right? But they didn’t. With CrossFit I’ve definitely seen physical results that I’ve never seen before and in a really quick amount of time, which is incredible considering that some of the workouts are really quick bouts of intensity. Because all the workouts are different every day you never get bored and could go numerous days a week without repetition, resulting in serious results.

As a kid, sports were my life. I loved the team element and having a coach who knew me and was invested in growing my potential. I’ve done tons of workouts around the city ­ yoga, pilates, cycling, run clubs, bootcamps ­ and the personal attention I get at BCF is like none other. They know me, they know my potential and they inspire me to push those boundaries every class. I really feel like they share in the joy of my personal success. Hands down, CrossFit is the most efficient workout you’ll do. I’ve run marathons and running for hours on end seems kind of silly sometimes compared to a killer 6 minutes
workout now. It’s also more doable than you think. I was surprised how many modifications there are for each movement ­ truly anyone at any level can do it. That’s what no one realizes about CrossFit because all we see online are enormous muscle men lifting insane amounts of weight. There’s more to CrossFit than that.

Also, I’ve tried so many workouts in this city and gone to plenty of workout studios for years and years ­­ and never have I made friends like I have at BCF. No one talks to each other at other workout studios. At BCF you can’t help but get to know people and make friends in the atmosphere here. After 11 years of living in NYC, that was a unique experience.”

­- ­Emily Newman

“Prior to my first class at BCF and moving to NYC, I was a member of Crossfit Alinea, a gym in San Francisco. I loved that community, the variety in the daily workouts and the fast results. I knew that I wanted to replicate that experience in New York. Happy to say I have found all of that at BCF. I also joined BCF because it was just opening and I was intrigued by the idea of helping shape a new community from day one. Coming from an athletic background I really missed the feeling of accountability that a community atmosphere provides. At this gym people know your name, they learn how to motivate you and nobody acts above anyone else. It’s refreshing.

Since starting I have achieved a bunch personal bests in both strength and endurance benchmarks but I also feel better than I have since high school. To speak to a specific achievement, I recently jumped my prior best in the deadlift by 50lbs. To put that gain into perspective. I have only participated in crossfit since December of 2013 and I took almost 3 weeks off to move. I couldn’t have improved by 50lbs in 3.5 months on my own or even with a trainer. That is totally attributed to the type of programming crossfit offers you. The thing I like best about being a member of this gym is the consistency and quality of the staff. Every class has two coaches. These coaches are not only qualified to correct you but they care about your development and overall experience during each workout. They are also extremely open to feedback and making the changes members want, it’s pretty clear that they value your membership.

I’d tell them to try a free class! Then I would stress that every movement in every workout is scaleable to age, ability and fitness level so any nervousness about keeping up is bogus.”

­­- Ashley Guerra

“First of all I want to say that I love HRCF. I moved to hoboken right after college and was looking into gyms to join. I wanted to keep up my stamina and endurance from being an athlete in college. I started testing out crossfit gyms throughout the area and when I tried HRCF I knew it was the perfect fit. They have an amazing coaching staff that truly cares about form as well as performance. They will tell you to drop the weight and correct something if they see something wrong with your form. The workouts they create are challenging and different every week. And now the coaches offer one on one help on different movements you’ve been struggling on. I really believe they care about everyone in the gym. We are truly one big family.

Besides just CrossFit aspect, they offer other great opportunities. I recently completed the nutrition challenge they created. I didn’t necessarily have any weight to lose but I knew I could eat healthier while improving health overall. A lot of people in the gym saw amazing results to their weight, their sleeping patterns, and their health in general. We also have many parties and get togethers throughout the year to meet more of the CrossFit family that you might not see at your normal daily class. I have been with HRCF since they first opened. Looking back, I couldn’t imagine where I would be now without joining. I highly suggest trying out a free class on Saturday to see if this is the right fit for you!”

­­- Julia Penkal

“I LOVE HRCF and I would recommend it to anyone in the Hoboken area. The gym is great for both CrossFit newbies and veterans. I’ve been a member to other CrossFit gyms and this is by far my favorite!
The group of coaches really know what they are doing. They foster a culture of support and the morning and afternoon workout groups are a welcoming and supportive bunch. This is no cookie cutter workout­­­HRCF knows how to customize a workout to meet the clients needs so that you feel like you’ve put forth your very best effort, but at the same time you aren’t walking away injured or discouraged. How much they care about their members really shows, and they always seem to know what kind of push, instruction, or encouragement you need.

I HIGHLY recommend getting in and signing up. Great people and a great workout.”

­­- ­Janina Wnoroski

“I am really lucky. I live in a mansion and I pay next to nothing. Well, an LES NYC mansion, which is to say approximately 1/3 the size of your average single family home in MarryYourCousinsVille, Alabama. Nonetheless, it feels like a mansion to me.

Well, the worst day of my New York life happened and I found out I had to move. Rent goes up, space goes down. I decided space was my priority which meant it was time to move to the hood. If I stayed in the LES with my budget, my morning routine would consist of climbing out of bed, over my coffee table (which is A4actually my suitcase) to get to the shower, which is conveniently located in the kitchen. That sounded like a nightmare and I’m from Vegas ­ the hood doesn’t scare me. “Don’t F*ck with the babysitter. At the very beginning of my search, I found an amazing apartment. A recently renovated true one­bedroom in an elevator building on the top floor with tons of natural light. Amenities included a dishwasher, laundry in the basement and bike storage and best of all No­Fee! I put in my application, I got approved and then just couldn’t pull the trigger because it was too far from BCF. THAT’S how awesome this place is!”

­­- ­Tiffany McKenzie

“Living in NYC, you make a million decisions every day. Which train to take, what to have for lunch, how fast to walk, who to pass (tourists/families) and who to walk behind (hot people), which tie to wear (paisleys or polka dots), does this denim shirt go with these denim jeans or those chubbies, and some decisions may be better than others. (Monochromatic denim cannot be pulled off unless you have a hipster certified teased mustache)

Frankly this is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I moved to NYC last year and joined BCF 10 months later. Found myself surrounded by awesome crossfit buddies who have now become close friends ­ rare finds in NYC! The coaching staff is dedicated and thoughtful in the programming AND there is unwavering emphasis on proper technique and form ­ this is important so no one gets hurt. They have office hours for individual consultation and they are willing to work with you on overcoming certain challenges. Shoulder mobility has always been a bitch for me. Whether you’re brand new to crossfit or you’re giving froning or foucher some serious nervous gassy cramps, I recommend this jewel at the heart of nyc’s Chinatown.”

­­- ­ ­Jun Amora

“This gym is one of my favorite parts about moving to New York.
When I moved from San Francisco I was worried I wouldn’t find a community and group of coaches that equaled my first gym in feel, expertise and attention to safe, good form. Glad to say I found that here at Bowery. The physical results have been fast and continue to improve which is a testament to the programming and also that the staff and membership who make coming everyday easy. Ownership is really approachable and attune to feedback. That said, this is not a place you can come and hide during a workout. They know your name and you’ll be held accountable for giving your best but never so in a humiliating way. If you find yourself on the fence about joining or even trying Crossfit for the first time just walk­in; the gym offers free classes and anyone would be happy to chat your ear off to answer lingering concerns.”

­­- ­Ashley Guerra

”I love everything about Bowery crossfit! Awesome coaches and members who really motivate you! The space, WODs and vibe are all awesome!! I’ll be a member for life. :)”

­­- ­Amy Lee

”Being a first timer at crossfit, I was a little nervous and anxious in the beginning. But that all went away due to amazing coaches and amazing fellow crossfitters. They make you feel like your at home. It doesn’t matter what your background is, whether or not if your in shape, if you never lifted weights, or even if this is your first gym, the coaches here will walk you through every step till your able to do a full WOD (workout of the day). It’s almost 4 months and I have to say I have never felt or look this great physically! Oh and lets not forget about those massive floor standing speakers. Yessssir!! Turn it up!”

­­- ­Eric Chan

“Great people! Great staff! Great Price! It doesn’t get any better than this! I was looking for a CrossFit gym in the city for awhile, but like everything else in New York it was crazy expensive. I had given up hope of ever being able to afford proper instruction and coaching when this place opened right in my neighborhood with a membership price almost half of what other CrossFit gyms would charge. Needless to say I signed up for the charter right away and the staff did not disappoint. I’ve been a very happy member since it opened and I hope they’re here to stay FOREVER!”

­­- Spike Yen

“Great people! Great staff! Great Price! It doesn’t get any better than this! I was looking for a CrossFit gym in the city for awhile, but like everything else in New York it was crazy expensive. I had given up hope of ever being able to afford proper instruction and coaching when this place opened right in my neighborhood with a membership price almost half of what other CrossFit gyms would charge. Needless to say I signed up for the charter right away and the staff did not disappoint. I’ve been a very happy member since it opened and I hope they’re here to stay FOREVER!” ­Spike Yen “This is such an AMAZING gym. One of the best that I have joined. All the trainers (Isabel and Nate) are awesome. They care about you and make sure you have the correct form. It is not just about showing up and doing the motions but making sure you do it RIGHT without injuring yourself. The trainers know what they are doing and they are WONDERFUL at it. It doesn’t matter if you never lifted weights or done a burpee before or if you have been doing crossfit for years, the atmosphere is always encouraging. From the trainers, to the members in your class, we all support each other and push each other to be stronger, fitter and at the end of the day, to feel good! Bowery Crossfit is the best!!”

- Janne Lee

“BCF has an amazing atmosphere…The coaches are awesome and are passionate about cross fit and strongly emphasize form and mobility. They find the right balance between pushing you harder and being friendly. The workouts can be modified/scaled so that all can have a good workout while still being exhausted at the end. The community is a diverse and friendly group who is always encouraging one another to be better. Not only does BCF have great WODs but they also encourage proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to better improve your life.”

- ­Nicole Fink

“I had been looking for a crossfit box for a while before I came across BCF, and I haven’t regretted it for a minute. The staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and always look to get you safely to that next level. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories of other crossfit gyms that only care about lifting heavy weights and not about proper form and I can assure you that this isn’t that place. Stop by and check it out, you wont regret it. I think this is also the least expensive box in NYC.”

- ­­Alex Ferris

“Dropped in for a couple of days during a NY work trip. Drop in process super easyGreat coaches, good sized classes with plenty of attention and tips during the strengthportions and WODs.Happy to have a NY box for future trips.. will definitely be back.” ­Matthew S.”HRCF is better than any other gym in Hoboken. The coaches are welcoming,knowledgable, and supportive. As are the people who work out there. Not only are theworkouts challenging but enjoyable. I would recommend this gym to anyone looking for ahome away from home.”

- ­­Emily Dunne

“I am not new to working out, but am new to crossfit, and was a little intimidated by all the hype when looking into crossfit. I looked at all of the Hoboken crossfits and HRCF is by far the one that delivers on what it preaches; pushing yourself, supporting eachothers, keeping good form, and holistically being healthy through exercise and eating correctly. The coaches are great and spend a ton of extra time at the gym helping members out before and after classes. I couldn’t recommend this Box anymore or I would”

- ­­­Seth Druck

“Outstanding! I could not be happier with the crossfit family that is Hudson River!

This gym has taken my crossfit abilities to the next level. I have been a member of other crossfit gyms, but Hudson River is the real deal.

The coaches are very knowledgable providing excellent instruction and inspiration. The attention to details in each workout and particularly complex movements, Olympic lifts, make it an environment where good form leads to safe gains. The coaches push you to achieve in the gym, but they all make each make the workouts, even the most taxing ones, fun. Coach Ashley will have you laughing with his creative warm ups, crossfit quidditch is quite entertaining, and his music choices are wonderfully unique. He’s a PT to boot, his knowledge of mobility and the body in general is doctoral. Coach Ash loves to give out laps, a joke, and no sign in burpies! His presence makes you want to push yourself harder. Coach Allison is a former college Olympic weightlifter you cannot top that experience. She also speaks a half dozen languages. Coach John will work you in a class, but you want to perform for him. He provides excellent crossfit/Paleo lifestyle advice in emails and blogs.

Oh on the Paleo note, this gym doesn’t end with your workout, but provides you with the tools to live a healthier and fitter life. The nutrition knowledge from our first challenge left me 6lbs lighter, 3 inches smaller in the waist, and with a loss of 6% body fat! The team approach to the Paleo lifestyle keeps in fun, motivational, and manageable. You will see results at HRCF! The other members, so welcoming! I have developed some awesome friendships at HRCF.

We have social events at the gym or out around Hoboken. It’s a family that welcomes you to the gym. Come check out this gym you will not be disappointed!”

- ­Jimmy Dunn

“Hudson River CrossFit (HRCF) is Hoboken’s secret treasure in the fitness club category.

I haven’t been to a gym in 2 years and needed to exercise badly to boost my tennis results. Local gyms in Hoboken seemed unattractive, overcrowded or too far from home. Few months ago I noticed a sign on the corner of Clinton & 7th advertising an upcoming fitness club opening. Since it was only a few blocks away from home I decided to give it a try. After emailing HRCF I received a prompt response, signed up for a trial (they have a very simple, “no surprises” cancellation policy) and began to receive thoughtful emails preparing me for the first class.

When you join the club, HRCF will assign you to the fundamentals classes first. They are important from two points of view: learning how perform basic moves avoiding injury; and understanding the CrossFit concept.

After completing the fundamentals I was excited to begin the classes. HRCF allows to take as many classes per month as you please ­ there’s no cap. Each class is 1 hour and up to 14 people. Small group size means you get much needed attention from the coach. We warm up, stretch, do various exercises and finish the class with more stretching.

The best part is that on the way back home I feel energized and happy. This is a very different experience compared to my previous gym memberships where I killed myself with boring repetitive routines and used to come home drained and tired. Results began to show after only two months of training. I feel stronger, fitter, my tennis is better and I know that I found a great way to keep myself in shape. HRCF coaches are true professionals.

They program great classes that combine strength, gaming, agility and cardio exercises. They teach you how to keep track of performance and work towards your goals. More importantly they really care about CrossFit and you.

Hudson River CrossFit is very friendly. In fact one of the club’s goals is to ensure that all members feel like one team, know each other and form friendships. It’s a wonderful idea. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

I look forward to each class. And more importantly I know that soon I’ll be in top shape.”

- ­Alex Rubin

“I started working out with the owner, John, at his weekly free workouts in the park (while hisgym was
under construction). After the first few times, I really didn’t want to return, but I justkept showing up
and punishing myself. When I learned that his gym was opening, I decidedI had to join and see what
Crossfit is all about and I am so glad I did.

It seems this box is smaller than others, but what that means is smaller class sizes andmore personal
attention from the coaches. All of them are outstanding and make sure thatyou are performing he WODs
correctly and at your max potential.

I can say that in the monthand a half that I’ve been at HRCF that my body has changed and I have been
able toperform better.

The camaraderie and family atmosphere is remarkable. We are really in this adventuretogether. I’m so glad
I joined and highly recommend it to anyone considering.”

- ­WesleyMak

“I am so happy I joined.

I hadn’t worked out in ages before I joined HRCF. Had never done CrossFit seriously. Thestaff is so
wonderful, brilliant and supportive. I got an overall good vibe when I walked intothe gym for the first
time. The classes are very small, allowing personal attention, which isso rare for a gym in Hoboken. The
coaches know everyones name, and after a fewclasses, I knew everyone too.

After hearing all of the horror stories of CrossFit, I was relieved to find a place where thecoaches
spend so much time focusing on form and care so much about pushing everymember (safely.) Best of all, I
saw changes in my body almost instantly!

I can certainly say I am a lifetime member!”

- ­Christina Assuncao

“Amazing gym! The classes are fun and offer a great workout. Furthermore,the class size is small, so you
get a lot of personal attention from the trainers. Everyone who works there is very professional, and
there is a lot of emphasis on form, so you get a good workout without a good backache. I highly recommend

- Keith Fall

“I have been a member here since opening day and can say, without a doubt, that this is the best CrossFit
box in Hoboken.

The Box: The location (midtown Hoboken) is great and the building itself is awesome for CrossFit (open
floor plan, at street level, with a big garage door leading outside absolutely perfect for WODs). The
only downside is that the complaining neighbors restrict the ability to drop weights and play music at a
preferred level… but we’ve all learned to satisfactorily work around this obstacle. It’s also super
clean and has all the essential weights and pieces of equipment one would need.

Bathroom: Complete with showers + towels and a scale, the bathrooms are clean and inviting. Bonus: they
are heated during the chilly winter months!

The Staff: The coaches are all really friendly, wonderful to work with, and very accommodating to the
different ability levels of the members. They will push you out of your comfort zone but never put you in
harm’s way as they are constantly drilling proper form over increased weight (something that is sometimes
an afterthought in CrossFit). In addition, they are open to ideas/recommendations and are always willing
to try something new a sign of a staff, and owner, who cares about their members.

Having sampled other boxes in the area, HRCF is the clear stand out. From the location, to the space, to
the staff, I really enjoy working out here and am looking forward to a fantastic future.”

- ­Mark B.

“Intense, Tough, Painful, Amazing, Fun and Addictive. This place runs the range. It ain’t easy, but it
is rewarding. The coaches, the atmosphere and the community are great. Everyone is very supportive and
caring. Best workouts ever!”

- ­John Lawrie

“Signed up for Boston marathon crosstraining and now I’m hooked! Awesome downtoearth coaches (Ashley and
Allison!) that worked with me to stay healthy and fit to reach my goal (I crushed it!). They take the
time to show you movements to prevent injury and become stronger. Also all of the other members push each
other to work hard in every class what more can you ask for! Join the HRCF community!”

- ­Michael Guglielmo

” I started working out with the owner, John, at his weekly free workouts in the park (while his gym was
under construction). After the first few times, I really didn’t want to return, but I just kept showing
up and punishing myself. When I learned that his gym was opening, I decided I had to join and see what
Crossfit is all about and I am so glad I did.”

- ­Wesley Mak

” I’ve been a member at HRCF since the day it opened. At first I was intimidated to try, but the coaches
and members are so welcoming and motivating. This place has changed my lifestyle (and my body) The
changing workouts never get boring, and the small class sizes allow for personal attention everytime. I
love it!”

- ­Christina Assuncao

” I’ve done crossfit at a number of gyms, and HRCF is my favorite one yet. The classes are competitive
without being overthetop and well attended without seeming packed. The best thing is its great energy and
knowledgeable coaches. The WODs are always intense, but that’s what I go there for, and the camaraderie
and coaches make it worth the sweat.”

- ­Kyle Simonson

” The enthusiastic and encouraging coaches and members at HRCF make you feel welcome, keep you motivated,
and make you want to come back every day.”

- Caitlin Crann

“Amazing coaches. Awesome support system. Working out with great people that push me to limits which i
would not reach on my own.”

- ­ Amy Maxwell

” Have been here since it opened and cannot say enough how much I love it! The people are amazing to work
out with and grow, so encouraging! And the coaches knew my name from day 1. I couldn’t be happier loving
working out again.”

- ­Kelley Delaney

“We are a couple from Barcelona, Spain. We came to Bowery crossfit two days ago and he had a great time
with all of the team! A great box with the best people in town!!! We absolutely recommend you all to come
here if you go to new york because is the best box we have been in”

- ­ Manu Cougil

I’ve been fortunate to do some workouts with these guys at both their Bowery and Hoboken locations.
Unlike a lot of other gyms I’ve been to, the priority at Bowery is on proper form, which has allowed me
to stay me injury free and get more out of each workout. The gym is at an ideal location for me, but will
take away any excuse I once had to skip the WOD. Great community, great box!

- Kyle Simonson

“Great space, great coaches. I already love this place and it just opened. Its a huge space, which is
hard to find in Manhattan. The coaches John, Nate, Kara and Ash know their stuff. Their focus on
technique and the personal attention they give in every class keeps me coming back. Classes aren’t too
big like I’ve found in other NYC gyms and you always get in a great workout. A hidden gem in LES”

- Christina Assuncao

“After moving to NYC from California, I attended several CrossFit gyms throughout the city to call
“home.” I can honestly say: that gym is Bowery CrossFit! The programming is top notch and focuses both on
strength and conditioning. They have a superior coaching staff that knows form trumps weight. In
addition, they know all the athletes by name and foster a community of mutual respect amongst coaches and
athletes alike.”

- ­ Jon Snyder


“BCF is an amazing community. Not only are the coaches attentive and caring, the members are all amazing
people who motivate and encourage you to work harder every day. The coaches take the time to really know
and care about every member and their lives outside the box. Each coach brings something different to the
table, but all are invested in the well being of every member and helping them reach their goals.
Rounding out the community are the members, who all joined BCF for their own reasons, but come together
every day to encourage and learn from one another. They push you to lift a little more, row a little
faster, and go for one more pull up, which makes working out as enjoyable as it is rewarding. I love
every minute of my time there and am so glad I’ve found a place that as is supportive and welcoming as

- ­ Jenna Chin

“BCF has an amazing atmosphere…The coaches are awesome and are passionate about cross fit and strongly
emphasize form and mobility. They find the right balance between pushing you harder and being friendly.
The workouts can be modified/scaled so that all can have a good workout while still being exhausted at
the end. The community is a diverse and friendly group who is always encouraging one another to be
better. Not only does BCF have great WODs but they also encourage proper nutrition and a healthy
lifestyle to better improve your life.”

- ­ Nicole Fink

“Bowery Crossfit is an amazing box! I am doing Crossfit for one year (5 different boxes all over the
world), and Bowery is defiently the best one. Culture and community is on a different level here…”

- ­ Daniel Reitten

“Bowery Crossfit is a great addition to the CrossFit community! The Coaching staff is great very friendly
and attentive to all levels of crossfitters. The gym and all the equipment is brand new and fantastic as
well. At Bowery you will get in shape, meet great people, and have fun doing it!”

- ­ Hillary Gesele

“My wife and I had tried a few different crossfit boxes, and we never felt like we fit in until we joined
Bowery crossfit. Their coaches made us feel right at home. They provide top notch instruction and
equipment and you get a real sense of community.”

- ­ Doug Gesele

“I have been a member at Bowery Crossfit for a few months and I really enjoy it. The coaches are very
friendly and take their time to address proper form and technique. I always get a good workout and leave
feeling a paradoxical combination of exhausted and superhuman — which is exactly what I’m looking for.”

- ­ Aldo Arias

“This is a gem in NYC! Down to earth community and thoughtful expert coaching is what you’ll find at
bowery corssfit. Coaches Isabelle and Nate are rock stars!” Jun Blaine Amora “I’ve been a member for
about 4 months and have really enjoyed the experience. The excellent coaching, supportive environment,
and intense training regimen are exactly what I was hoping for when I started crossfit. Keep up the good

- ­  Joshua Levine

“Great coaches at this gym! No attitudes here, only friendly classmates. I am so glad I found you guys
and look forward to dropping in for the next week and a half!”

- ­ David Vito Canizaro

“My favorite gym in Hoboken (and I’ve been to my share over the years)! The coaches are knowledgable and
the programming is ideal for all levels I never did Crossfit until joining HRCF and now I can’t imagine
doing anything else. Overall a great environment and workout!”

- ­ Casey Scherck

“I’m kind of selective when it comes to where I spend my money to work out. I really value quality
coaching that emphasizes great form and quality programming (that actually has a rationale behind the
prescribed movements rather than throwing together a super intense WOD for the hell of it). Additionally,
I really wanted to be somewhere that had coaches who have some real “street cred” when it comes to
Olympic lifting. This place has that all, and more. I would definitely recommend HRCF to anyone thinking
about drinking the Crossfit Koolaid. If you do some real research on what constitutes good programing,
you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that this place is the real deal.”

- ­ Mike DiMaria

“Attention to details, proper form and safety, these guys really know what they are doing!!! Definitely a
good spot.”

- ­  Danielle Red Drasher

“I am a big fan of the trainers and the gym as a whole. After many many years of boring and inefficient
work outs it is a relief to find a place to constantly get healthier and stronger. I would recommend
Hudson River crossfit to anyone!”

-  Mark Stehli


“Hudson River Crossfit is not the usual gym. It is much better. The coaches are amazing and work very
hard to provide strenuous workouts in a supportive environment. Definitely worth stopping in for a class,
you’ll be hooked.”

- ­ Chip Dunne

“Been looking for this type of experience for years. Tough, intense, painful and FANTASTIC! Great
Coaches, Great Box, Great members. You really feel like you belong and you really feel like people care…”

- ­ John Lawrie


“Since I work with desserts and sweets on a daily basis, this place keeps me fit, healthy and in check.
The coaches here are awesome! They are very knowledgeable and their positive attitudes are encouraging
and motivating. I highly recommend them!”

- ­ Angela Park

“Great workouts and wonderful people! Joining has been a great way to meet some solid people (literally
and figuratively) and helped ease the transition of moving to the east coast.”

- ­ McKenzie Herges

“Coaches have awesome energy and attention to technical movements. Great space to work out for the
individual who is both new to CrossFit or more experienced.”

- ­ Amy Maxwell

“The enthusiastic and encouraging coaches and members at HRCF make you feel welcome, keep you motivated,
and make you want to come back every day.”

- ­ Caitlin Crann

“Great gym and great coaches!! Awesome workouts with flexible class times.Worth every $$$!”

- ­ Ben Brown

“Dropped in for Murph over the long wknd! Great facility and awesome group of people/community!!”

- ­ Chris Nemeskal

“My first time dropping in another place, the people and coaches are awesome!”

- ­ James Haas

“Awesome environment for learning and growth. high attention to form detail. drop in for a class!”

- ­Wesley Mak

“Great coaches!! Great People!! No attitudes.”

- ­Ron Ferguson

“Best community ever.”

- ­Isabelle Derond

“I can’t say enough great things about this place! Great instructors, community, and of course workouts.
This is the best gym experience I’ve ever had.”

- ­Danny Fantastic

“Great trainers and staff. You won’t regret checking this place out.”

- ­Ramesh Perry

“Everyone is very cordial and supportive.. Feels like a second family.. Definitely my home away from

- Spike Yen

“I love this 1) huge space
2) alway open so there is NO excuse for not working out.”

-  Christopher Fowler

“Amazing coaches, amazing people, amazing space, amazing workouts! Love this place!! :)”

-   Amy Lee

“SO great! The Coaches really care, the other members are awesome and working out is fun again! Couldn’t
ask for more!”

- Kelley Delaney

“Bowery Crossfit is an amazing place to work out. I joined as a charter member in March and have been
hooked ever since! The instructors are friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable and the members are a
supportive and fun community that I’m glad to be a part of! If you’re on the fencedefinitely give it a

- Amanda O’Callaghan

“I’m an absolute addict. The instructors are top notch and the community is super friendly! I never
thought I’d love crossfit as much as I do, but Bowery Crossfit makes it easy to fall in love :)”

- Nicole Bacchus

“This place is pretty great. I feel fit and I got that good soreness after every workout! It’s a good
group of people too — everyone is there to put in work and it’s not just a fashion show like equinox.

Pro tip: Isa plays the best music but you gotta get up early!”

- Aldo Arias

“It feels like a zamboni has reiced my entire body with a fresh coat of ‘freshness’”

- Dave Gavant

“Great facility, workouts, location, but most importantlyBCF has the best people. Both coaches and
members are equally awesome. I have yet to meet someone who I can’t have a friendly conversation with or
a high five after a tough workout. The community is the greatest aspect of BCF.”

- Ben Bergsma

“BCF has outstanding coaches and has built a great community of members. There’s always plenty of
encouragement and positive energy!”

- Tom Mieczkowski

“I am so glad I signed upgreat coaches, really cool people here, good program= amazing atmosphere! Love
coming here after a long day of workgreat way to end the day!”

- Erin Marie

“Awesome staff who care about safety and creating a fun, competitive environment. Working out here is one
of the best parts of my week, every week. If you are on the fence about joining, come for a free class!”

- Ashley BlackwellGuerra

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