Bowery CrossFit Fall Nutrition Challenge

The pyramid says it all. Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do.

This challenge will be focused on developing and teaching healthy habits, that is focused on, but extends beyond, the food you eat. An interdisciplinary approach to wellness takes into consideration not only your food choices but also other variables such as sleep, water intake, mental  and physical wellness, etc.

How it works:

When you sign up to participate in the challenge, your will receive a pre-challenge intake form to assess your fitness activity, nutrition habits and body type. From the results of this intake, you will be prescribed one of two recommended “tracks” to follow throughout the program, and assigned a team.

Track A is the “principle-based” track.

Track B is the “Macronutrient-based” track.

Those assigned to the more advanced track B can self-select into either track.

Both tracks will assess sleep, exercise, nutrition, and wellness through a point scheme, and two Inbody scans over the course of the 4-weeks. Both tracks will also get weekly customized feedback from Allie, Bowery’s nutrition coach. Each participant will receive a customized spreadsheet to track their daily indicators, that automatically calculates your daily points earned.

The challenge will run from October 2nd -  October 29th.

The price for the challenge is $199, with the opportunity to receive a $50 credit toward 1-month of customized nutrition coaching.

Important Dates: Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, September 27th: Deadline to sign-up for the challenge!

Friday, September 29th: Challenge Kickoff- brief presentation, “cash-in” all-teams workout and InBody Scans.

October 2 - October 29th: CHALLENGE!

October 29th: Challenge Wrap Party! “cash-out” workout, “After” Inbody measurements, and of course, A COSTUME PARTY.