Meet Coach Mateo!

Hello everyone!  My name is Mateo and I’m the newest coach at Hudson River and Bowery CrossFit.  You may have seen me hiding in the back typing away on my computer.  Some of you may have even met with me during your consultation. Needless to say, my introductory blog post is a bit over-due.  So, before you start saying “hey who is this dude coaching the 5:15am classes?” let me tell you a bit about myself.

I go by many names; Mateo, Teo, Tebro, Matebro, Tay Tay, Broteo, M-Dawg or whatever derivative you can come up with.  I enjoy long walks on the beach, grass-fed meat, tequila, barbells, and Nate Lanzon’s beard.

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA where my parents taught me how to live, love, eat, play sports, dance, and …  After high school, I left my home to go to college here in NYC at Columbia University.  I stopped eating my mom’s home cooking and instead, starting eating bagels, pasta and NYC pizza while washing it all down with cheap beer.  After my first year at school, I returned home with a few extra pounds and a new objective: lose this freshman 15 that I had mysteriously gained.  My parents had started going to CrossFit Merge, a gym that had opened up by our house and said I had to try it.  After the first class, I almost threw up, I couldn’t sit down, I felt like dying and most of all, I was addicted.

I spent the next three years honing my CrossFit and coaching skills.  I found the BCF crew right as I was about to graduate college and the rest is history!  I love answering questions about the Olympic lifts, programming, and food.  So please, come talk to me and ask.  I can’t wait to get to know everyone (especially that early morning crew!).



PS: Always remember: more plates, more dates

PPS:  If the bar ain’t bendin’, you’re just pretendin’

PPPS: …just kidding