Iron Church Strength Program
Starts October 17th

Think you can handle the Church?

Watch the video below to learn how Big Joe can increase your strength, muscle mass, and sexiness in just 8 weeks.

Iron Church is a program designed with one goal in mind, to make you STRONG!  The Bowery Strength coaches have created an intense 8 week cycle that follows a simple but effective linear progression in which you will increase your overall strength.

While the program is centered around the back squat, bench press, and deadlift, a novice/intermediate lifter can expect to see gains in all major lifts by the end of the cycle.


This program has been years in the making and it is truly a labor of love. After exhaustive research and testing, we've developed a strength program that WORKS.

We're serious about making this program world class and that's why we want to make sure Iron Church is the right fit for you.

Are you one of the 18 students who's read to go? If so, read on:

Who will succeed in the Iron Church:

  • Someone who performs well in a team setting

  • Someone who is coachable

  • Someone who can follow the program as prescribed

Who will NOT succeed in the Iron Church:

  • Someone expecting instant results with little to no work

  • Someone who is not willing to commit to the full 8 week program

  • Someone who cannot commit 4-5 hours a week to being in the gym

Sound good?

Here's what you can expect:

  • 8-weeks of intelligent strength programming

  • The support to stay motivated and consistent through our congregation of Iron Churchgoers

  • Entrance into our next Iron Church Confirmation, which is our dedicated strength meet at the end of each cycle

  • Big PRs on all your major lifts

  • Access to Joe and the entire Bowery staff. Ask your toughest questions about strength development

  • 24 Iron Church classes and access to open gym make-up sessions at Bowery CrossFit

To guarantee success in the program, we limit enrollment to 18 spots per cycle in the gym.  We sold out our last cycle in 2 days.

If you've ever wished you were bigger and stronger, this is an amazing opportunity to take your lifts to the next level by working directly with Joe and the Bowery coaches.

2015-2016 IRON CHURCH Calendar

Iron Church Pricing
Three payments of $179+tax
8 weeks of 3x per week training
+Access to Open Gym
+Access to Yoga

Bowery CrossFit BBB Business Review