If a spin class is your idea of a good workout...

Then you've been missing out. 


At Bowery CrossFit we're reinventing the gym experience to be more fun and more effective. Through our training programs you're able to quantify your results, so you're able to monitor your progress each and every day. Not convinced? Check out what our members say on Yelp.

"First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule Daniel-san not mine."

Your first step with Bowery CrossFit is our Foundations Program.  In the program you'll learn the movements you'll do in class and you'll gain a deeper understanding of our training philosophy in a PRIVATE 1-on-1 setting.


The program is a series of  five 1-on-1, personal training sessions and each session is 30 minutes. This program is appropriate for most adults and no baseline level of fitness is required. 

In each session, we will teach you new movements and end with a workout that can be adjusted to meet your fitness level. 



Fill out this form and we'll give you a call to set up your No Sweat Intro and answer any questions you might have.


Life after the Foundations Program

Once you graduate the Foundations Program, you'll be ready to hop into any of our group CrossFit classes.

Each class is 1hr long and starts with our a warm-up and is usually followed by a strength segment and finishes with a workout. Exercises and programming are carefully explained by our coaches and each class includes lots of hands on help to ensure you're both working out safely and progressing quickly.

You can view our full schedule below: 

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