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Fitness Challenge

6-Week Fitness Reboot

This 6-Week High Intensity group training for beginners will change your life. More energy. Fitter body. Feels great, which is what life is all about...



You are what you eat. And we are happy people because we know healthy food. We also know proportions. Let us help you, It's all about nutrition!

Bowery CrossFit is #1

Time Out New York


[Bowery CrossFit] is not just about what you do with your body during a workout, but how you treat it after a workout. This spot built a farm right outside the city, and it’s one of the few CrossFit gyms in the world to offer fresh farm vegetables delivered right to the gym for members.

Jon Shannon & Jordi Lippe-McGraw | June 2016

No Risk. 100% Reward.

We offer all prospective members one complimentary 1-on-1 Intro to Fitness.

We're confident you'll see results at Bowery. Take action. Feel great!


Drop in. We're right off the B,D,F, J & M Trains. 

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Meet Your Trainers!

Jeff Scott, Kai Braden, Amanda Cann, Lindsey Cormack, Bryce Tolbert, Mateo Lopez, & Ryan McCarthy. 

We'll teach you the proper movements to ensure safety AND increase your mobility and overall fitness.

Bowery CrossFit Coaches are the real deal. 

Instagram gives new meaning to "Active". We are pretty active on the IG, so stay connected @BoweryCrossFit