Bowery CrossFit Program

Our signature dish here at Bowery.  We teach you the skills necessary to give you the results you want!  Here's what you can expect in your hour CrossFit class with us:

1.   Warm-up:  We make sure you are ready to work with dynamic stretching, mobility, and technique priming

2.   Strength/Skill: Your coaches will guide you through basic strength training movements.  But it's not just barbells!  Here we teach you how to pull yourself up on rings, run with ease, and walk on your hands.

3.   Metabolic Conditioning:  This is where we turn up the intensity and give you a short but intense cardio circuit mixing up everything from weightlifting, gymnastics, and mono-structural movements.

4.   Cool Down: We give you tips and tricks to make sure you aren't so sore the next day.

In classic CrossFit fashion, each day's workout will be totally different from the next.  But that doesn't mean what we do is random by any means.

Carefully crafted by our very own Joe Bags, 2014 North East CrossFit Regional competitor and Coach Alison James, a 2012 Yale Junior Olympic Weightlifting champion, our program is designed with a focus on keeping you safe and sexy.