Here, the company we keep is just as important as the work we do to stay fit. People come to us searching for a box where the coaches are highly skilled, the members are welcoming, and the vibes are good. We've got it all; we encourage, challenge, support and celebrate each other, both in and out of the gym. Our community sets us apart, and our location attracts a diverse group of driven professionals, creatives and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life.


What we offer extends beyond the results our members see in the gym. We are partnered with an organic farm outside of the city, and deliver fresh produce to our members in the warmer months. We regularly host events to celebrate our community, compare dance moves, beer pong skills and chili recipes. We come together to compete with our sister gyms in Hoboken and Philly, and we usually win. We travel to support each other in competition. When you join us, you have a home away from home.




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Kettlebell Kitchen Drop Off Point

Cold Brew and Kombucha On Tap

This gym is not just about what you do with your body during a workout, but how you treat it after a workout. This spot built a farm right outside the city, and it’s one of the few CrossFit gyms in the world to offer fresh farm vegetables delivered right to the gym for members.
This gym is really something special. It’s like one big family. Great workouts great space and great people. They also have cool training and nutrition programs to make things really easy for both advanced and beginners alike.
— Justin T.


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Bowery Crossfit is the gem box of NYC...they have 200+ members, 7 coaches, and a dedicated nutrition specialist...athletes that have been around since the beginning as well as newer members find the laid back, yet no nonsense vibe at Bowery to match their needs. Something that sets Bowery apart is that members’ goals drive strategies from the bottom up. Every member is provided with 4 one on one goals setting sessions each year. The results of those sessions are communicated internally so they know what makes each member tick and what they can do to elevate the group experience and start hitting those individual goals. Some come with weight loss goals, others with strength gain goals, but throughout they find that members want to cultivate habits of health with people they trust and enjoy being around. At Bowery, they rely on a foundation of CrossFit with the insights of individual aims to provide an exceptional NYC fitness experience.