Originally from San Fransisco, Kai came to New York to pursue his career as a fitness coach, model and actor. He has always considered himself an extreme sports enthusiast, and his research led him to discover CrossFit when he accepted a challenge to go head to head with his acting agent in a tough mudder race. He won the race and became a believer in CrossFit programming. He is a certified CrossFit Level 2 trainer, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and he holds a 2nd degree blackbelt in Olympic Taekwondo. His favorite CrossFit movement is the ring muscle-up, because it makes him feel like a ninja. On the weekends you can catch him eating dessert and getting low to “Get Low” by DJ Snake.



Lindsey coaches the Six-Week Challenge here at Bowery, and her passion for introducing women to weightlifting and reshaping her clients’ connections to their bodies is personal. Before she found her footing in fitness, Lindsey was overweight and developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with her daughter (now Bowery’s youngest member). As she was beginning her career as a professor and a new mother, she knew she needed to make a change, and CrossFit quickly became her time to unwind and process her work both in and out of the gym. The path to becoming an instructor and earning her CrossFit Level 1 certification was a natural one, as she sought to be a better example for her daughter, and to pass on the values she has learned from CrossFit both to her daughter and to her students. Now, Lindsey competes within the amateur Powerlifting circuit and currently holds the New Jersey 105-pound lifting total title.



As a lifelong competitive swimmer, Ryan naturally thought he was in great shape. That is, until he was introduced to CrossFit in college. After struggling through his first workout, he was humbled and hooked. As a pillar of the Bowery legacy and long-time fixture of the gym, Ryan oversees the success of day-to-day operations and ensures that all members are thriving to the best of their ability. He's a man of the people, a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer, and an all-around stand-up guy. In his free time, you can catch him drinking coffee until he gives himself anxiety or headed to the beach to do his best Kelly Slater impersonation. He still wants to listen to "Ace of Spades" off the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 soundtrack. 



Amanda grew up as a ballet dancer and competed as a sprinter, hurdler and pole vaulter through college. One day, she found herself watching footage of the 2012 CrossFit Games. As the commentators described the athletic background of the champ, who grew up in dance, gymnastics, and pole vault, it sounded a lot like what Amanda loved doing and officially piqued her interest. Amanda lost 50 pounds within her first year of CrossFit, found emotional focus, and found the sports of Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman. In 2018 she won both the 90kg class at the Lost Battalion Hall Weightlifting Classic, the novice division at the 2018 Lift for Autism. Most recently, she qualified and competed at 2018 US Strongman Nationals. She is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and USAW Sports Performance Coach. She's also is a professionally trained cook and makes a mean paella. 



As a kid, Ryan tried her hand at every sport, and finally settled on rowing when she was in high school. Stayed with it through college. Found CrossFit my senior year and preferred doing that than hours of rowing every day. 

Ryan's background is in competitive rowing. Until she found CrossFit in college

Ryans holds teaching and training certificates for Adaptive Training, Yoga, Strongman, US Rowing Level 2 and CrossFit Level 2. Her favorite movement is the tire flip, which she doesn't get to do on a regular basis but finds hella empowering. She recently qualified and competed at the 2018 US Strongman Nationals alongside coach Amanda. She enjoys karaoke, watching drag, and the song "Magic" by B.o.B.



Born and raised in NYC, Jeff brings his expertise and big grin to afternoon and evening classes. Formerly an MTV-featured competitive skater, Jeff was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. He holds certifications in CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit gymnastics. When he's not working out, you can find Jeff eating--he loves to sample new restaurants and cuisines. 

I love going to movies/concerts whenever I can. Oh and I love visiting different restaurants , trying new cuisines , educating my palate .

Vic Mensa " U Mad" or Bell Biv DeVoe "poison"


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Originally from Beijing, Maria moved to Madison, WI as a teenager, where she grew up playing team sports and ultimately discovered weightlifting. She started out as a member here at Bowery and loved the community so much, she decided to pursue her CrossFit Level 1 training certification become a coach for our fundamentals program. In her spare time, she likes to splurge on fancy dinners and work on her handstand skills.

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Bryce brings his signature sass and sunny disposition to early morning classes at Bowery. His athletic background is diverse: after serving as captain of his high school football team, Bryce became a D-1 cheerleader once at college. After he was introduced to CrossFit in 2014, he gained lifelong friends, a new outlook and lease on life, and eventually earned his Level 1 training certification. Bryce loves superheroes and crafts costumes for comic conventions. He claims to have have a Master's degree in Batman, but we have yet to verify this