A different breed of CrossFit gym.

We're here help you to run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier. 

Here at Bowery, we give our coaches the resources to use their place of work as a laboratory of strength and fitness awesomeness. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our programming and give our members better results. 

If you're new to CrossFit, your first step will be with our Foundations Program.  Once you've completed the introductory program, you'll be ready to hop into any of our group CrossFit classes!

If you're a CrossFit OG and shopping for a new box, this one's unlike any other. We know you're bound to reach your goals if you've got the right support system in place. 

At Bowery, everybody knows your name.

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My wife and I had tried a few different CrossFit boxes, and  we never felt like we fit in until we joined Bowery CrossFit.  Their coaches made us feel right at home.  They provide top notch instruction and equipment and you get a real sense of community.
— Eric C.




Key-card Access

Kettlebell Kitchen Drop Off Point

Cold Brew and Kombucha On Tap

“I’ve been a member at Bowery for about 6 months now, and it’s a great box to be a part of. The coaches are incredibly welcoming and knowledgable, and there’s an emphasis on building community, which is not the case at all boxes. The programming is varied and effective - I’ve seen huge improvements in my lifts and techniques, and you never do the same thing twice.
— M.K.


 Each CrossFit class is 1 hour long, starts with a warm-up and is then usually followed by a strength segment and a metabolic conditioning workout. Exercises and programming are carefully explained by our coaches and each class includes lots of hands on help to ensure you're working out safely and progressing quickly.

We also offer a weekly Yoga Class on Sunday mornings, team workouts on Saturdays, as well as open gym time throughout the week. Key cards are available for members who wish to gain access to the gym outside of scheduled class time.





Drop us a line or set up a free No-Sweat Intro to talk it over.