Here is what Bowery CrossFit is all about

I never thought that CrossFit would be for me. I tried doing a few Soul cycle classes, as well as going to a regular gym, but all of that felt like *work*, and I never looked forward to going. I heard about Bowery CrossFit and decided to bite the bullet despite being intimidated, and try a class. Everyone in the gym is so supportive and encouraging, and hearing folks cheer you on as you are working out is incredibly inspiring and makes you push that little bit further, to really get the most out of each workout. Most of all, I’ve gained some great new friendships in the process.
I was hooked since that first day and have been attending ever since. Even if you are unsure whether CrossFit is right for you I HIGHLY recommend checking out Bowery CrossFit. I’m a lifer for sure!
— Allie Schwartz
Living in NYC, you make a million decisions every day. Which train to take, what to have for lunch, how fast to walk, which tie to wear (paisleys or polka dots), and some decisions may be better than others.
Frankly this is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I moved to NYC last year and joined BCF 10 months later. Found myself surrounded by awesome crossfit buddies who have now become close friends - rare finds in NYC!
The coaching staff is dedicated and thoughtful in the programming AND there is unwavering emphasis on proper technique and form - this is important so no one gets hurt.
Whether you’re brand new to Crossfit or you’re giving Froning or Foucher some serious nervous gassy cramps, I recommend this jewel at the heart of NYC’s Chinatown.
— Jun Amora


You only have a limited amount of willpower so our expert coaches will take care of the workout programming for you. They'll also be there to guide you through each class. If that's not enough, our strong community cheer you on every step of the way. Your fitness routine shouldn't feel like a chore.
Instead of digging through hundreds of books, blogs and research, and wasting time on fitness tactics by so called "experts", let us take care of all the thinking for you. So come on in and try it out! 

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